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Futon Factory L.A.
Tatami Mats

Tatami mats are BACK!!!! All Tatami's are carefully crafted from natural, organically- harvested rush grass and materials.

We also make hand made Shiki Futons that would be ideal for combining with the Tatami matt. Please call the store for more details.

Standard Full Tatami Mat
approx. 36" in x 72" in x 2"H

Please allow 2 weeks to order**

A Little Tatami History

By the 17th century, tatami mats could be found in the houses of commoners, and they quickly became an integral part of every home. The mats work well with the unique climate of Japan, which is hot and humid in the summer and cold and dry in the winter, and the tatami mats evidently help regulate interior humidity. They also work with other cultural traditions in Japan, including being barefoot in the home, and sitting and sleeping on the floor.

In the last 150 years, traditional Japanese interiors have given way to more Westernized homes, and now many homes have only one tatami matted room, if at all, known as a washitsu, or Japanese-style room. (Tatami is also somewhat difficult to clean, so that is one reason for the decline in popularity). Today, some Japanese people still sleep on tatami mats with a thin mattress on top (called a futon these can roll or fold up when not in use, and bear little resemblance to dorm room futons). While these might be too thin if placed on a wood floor, the tatami mat's natural give apparently makes it very comfortable


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